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strip.jpg (23543 bytes)hostguest.jpg (59366 bytes)SHEIKH NAZIR
27 years dedicated to tourism

The Birth Place, Srinagar, Kashmir (India)

Born in the valley of Kashmir 14 April 1959

I started my schooling in a village where I was born, which is 7 km away from Main City of Srinagar.Our school used to take us for the hiking in the mountains. I was very much fond of mountains with natural beauty. I never wanted to come back to the city because I was very much in love with the mountains. Finally after my several years in school,I decided to get a job in an Adventure Company which would take trekking groups in mountains. This company was called Sea and Sky Travel and offered me job as a trek helper. My family didn’t like it, everyone in the family was against my choice but my mind was fully determined to do mountain trekking and climbing. I enjoyed very much my job as a trekker and climber. After working very hard in this company,the boss of the company was very pleased and impressed with my work and they upgraded me with my job to mountain guide, which really gave me a great pleasure in doing this job as a mountain trekking leader. I have been trying my best with my own carrier to do a great job in trekking and climbing with my groups. I have been anxiously and ambitiously putting my whole energy in my profession of trekking expeditions as i was a young man who is well learned and well skilled in my profession of trekking and climbing.

Ever since I was born,I was very eager and ambitious to do trekking and hiking and this was really a dream for me to be innazir18.jpg (56815 bytes) this profession in my entire life and I was very enthusiastic to do lots of trekking in near future. In 1977 company again sponsored me for the mountaineering training in Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in DARJEELING. This was my first official course from HMI Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in DARJEELING. After adventure course I was recommended for my basic course of HMI in Oct 1978. Finally HMI (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute) recommended me to the expeditions but as I was working for the company,I was obliged to take expeditions only for the company I was working.

The First Expedition I took as a leader in 1979, was a JAPANESE Expedition to the mountain called TAPSHA, which is in LADAKH, and the height of Mountain is 6200 Mts. The Second Expedition I took in 1980 was a FRENCH Expedition for KUN and the Third Expedition again I took was in 1980 for STOK KANGRI. After that I took the expedition which was the FRENCH Expedition in 1981 for LALUNG which is in Zanskar valley. Since then I continued trekking all over HIMALAYAS, LADAKH to GARHWAL Himalaya. And every year I take at least one expedition and two/three trek to lead. Then in 1985 I launched a company called EXPLORE INDIA which i started from SRINAGAR, KASHMIR. From this company I started my own small expeditions to different areas like in KASHMIR Mountains as well as all regions of LADAKH like Zanskar valley and Markaha valley. I have almost done trekking with people from all over the world. The greatest experience is that I always get an opportunity to meet various types of groups and individuals from all over the world which gives me more and more education and experience for my future business.In 1987 EXPLORE INDIA name was changed into EXPLORE CULTURE & TOURS and was recognized by Government Of India, Department Of Tourism, Indian Association Of Tour Operators(IATO) as well as Indian Mountaineering Foundation(IMF) and Travel Agents Association Of India (TAAI). Since then our company has started operating ADVENTURE GROUPS as well as CULTURAL GROUPS all over INDIA and NEPAL and have associate offices all over India. Now I am in a position to hold a job in my company as a Managing Director but I still want to be called a Trekking Man and I still like to be in the mountains rather than in polluted cities. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to write us. We will be delighted to furnish you with the same .

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,
Sheikh Nazir