Day 01


It is short drive from Leh to Spituk, below the Airprot. From the monastery cross the bridge over the Indus and, on the far bank, follow the trail that stretches across the barren and exposed flats. After 06 to 07 km, the Indus enters a tight gorge at its confluence with the jinchen River. The main village at Jingchen consists of a few settlements with a number of camping stops in the vicinity. Overnight at Camp.


 Day 02


After visiting the village at Rumbak there is a steady ascent up the valley, following the well-marked trail that crosses the main stream before entering the side valley leading to the south. Which is completed with a small spring and inspiring views back across the snow ridges of the Stop Range. Overnight at Camp.


 Day 03


From the camp, it is steady climb for an hour or so to the Gandha La pass (4985 mts) The pass has the usual array of Prayer flags and cairns, and affords views that extend across The Zanskar Range to the south. Spectacular view all around from the pass on a clear day. Overnight at Camp.


 Day 04



Trek from Shingo to Skiu. 3250-3500 mts. Of pleasant downhills walk through a narrow valley and denseshrubs, near the river.  Overnight at Camp.


 Day 05


Trek from Skiu to Markha. This stage ofa bout 18 km can be covered in one days walk. The terrain along the valley is not demanding, though the trail crosses the Markha River a couplae of times. There are a few ancient chortens along the trail, and a number of wolf pits used to trap wolves when they roam the valley during the winter months. Markha is a substantial village, complete with a derelict for on the hillside. Overnight at Camp.


 Day 06


Three km beyond markha the trail meets the Chachan valley coming from the Rubarung & Zanskar. The Markha gompa, set high on the cliff face, lies just beyond this junction. The main trail follows the valley through unlung village to Hankar and the site of more impressive fort ruins. From Hankar the trail diverts from the main valley and follow the Nimaling stream to Thahungtse and a good camping area. Overnight at camp.


 Day 07



The trail climbs quite steeply to the plateau, offering impressive views of Nimalin peak (6000 meters), and passing a number of mani walls en route to the open plains. Nimaling supports shepherd encampments with goat and yak herds from hankar and Markha. A full day can also be spend climbing the grazing pastures to the head of the Nimaling Valley. Overnight at Camp.


 Day 08


From Nimaling, cross to the north side of the stream and start climbing up the well defined trail to the pass. The climb should take 02 hrs at the ridge there are no further climbs involved as is so often the case with Himalayan passes. From the pass there are clear views across to the kangyaze, while to the north lies the Indus Valley and the Ladakh Range. Chogdo is the first village you come to, and it is possible to camp. Overnight at camp.


 Day 09


The final stage of this trek follow the valley floor for 06 km to the village of Sumda. From here the trail meets the jeep track on the Leh-Manali raod. TURN lift westwards by the large chorten above Martselang village, and follow the rather dusty trail to Hemis Monastery is one of the most important in Ladakh. Then drive to Leh. Overnight at Hotel.


A) Spituk to Hemis (Markha Valley)

Period: Mid-June-mid-October

Day:1    Spituk to Zhingchen

2        Lartsa (Kanda La)

3        Skyu

4        Markha

5        Thachungste

6        Nimaling

7        Shang Sumdo

8        Hemis

B) Likir to Tingmosgam

Period: All year throughout

Day:1      Likir to Yangthang

2        Ang

3        Tingmosgam

C) Lamayuru to Alchi via Stakspi La

Period: Mid-June-October

Day:1      Lamayuru to Wanla

2          Hinju

3          Sumdha Chenmo Doksa

4          Sumdha Chungun

5          Alchi

D) Lamayuru to Alchi via Tar La

Period: Mid-June-October

Day: 1     Lamayuru to Wanla

2        Ursi

3        Tar

4        Mangyu

5        Alchi

E) Lamayuru to Stok

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Lamayuru to Wanla

2          Hinju

3          Sumdha Chenmo Doksa

4          Lanak

5          Chilling

6          Shingo

7          Thangtik

8          Stok

F) Hemis to Chargod Jukstak

Period: End of June-2nd week September

Day: 1     Hemis to Shang Sumdo

2        Lartsa (Gongmaru La)

3        Thachungtse

4        Yakrupal

5        Tantse Sumdo

6        Dango

7        Lungmoche

8        Zhabuk

9        Takstago

10    Starzi Karu

11    Chargod Jukstak

G) Lamayuru to Padum via Lingshed

Period: Mid June-October

Day: 1     Lamayuru to Wanla

2        Hanupata

3        Photoksar

4        Styangs

5        Lingshed

6        Nyetse

7        Hanamur

8        Pishu

9        Karsha

10    Padum

H) Lamayuru to Padum via Machu & Nyeraks

Period: Beginning September-October

Day: 1     Lamayuru to Wanla

2        Askuta

3        Lartsa Sengge La

4        Nyeraks

5        Campsite before Pharkunsa

6        Honya

7        Karsha

8        Padum

I) Padum to Tartse Sumdo (Darcha)

Period: End of June-October

Day: 1     Padum to Mune

2        Pepul

3        Purni

4        Purni to Phuktal to Purni

5        Tantse

6        Kargyak

7        Lhakhang

8        Ramjak

9        Pal Lhamo

10    Tartse Sumdo

J) Padum to Phuktal to Padum via Stongde La

Period: Beginning August-October

Day: 1     Padum to Stongde

2          Stara Doksa

3          Suslantaktak

4          Mola Sumdo

5          Shade

6          Phuktal

7          Ichar

8          Bardan

9          Padum

K) Hemis to Padum via Zalung Karpo La (“Zhunglam”)

Period: 1st week September-October

Day: 1     Hemis to Shang Sumdo

2        Lartsa (Gongmaru La)

3        Male

4        Kharnak Sumdo

5        Tilad Sumdo

6        Chubchak

7        Zangla Sumdo

8        Zangla

9        Padum

L) Tartse Sumdo (Darcha) to Padum via Paralacha La

Period: July-October

Day: 1     Tartse Sumdo to Pettso

2        Suraj Tal

3        Sara Kyelang

4        Serchu Sara

5        Berga Stongchak/Khamirab

6        Chumik Marpo

7        Zhingchan

8        Tantse

9        Purne

10    Purne to Phuktal to Purne

11    Ichar

12    Mune/Raru

13    Padum

M) Rumtse to Tsho Moriri via Tsho Kar & Nakpo Gozing La

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Rumtse to Kyamar

2        Tisaling

3        Pangunagu

4        Zhuksris

5        Nakpo Gozing

6        Tsakshang

7        Tsho Moriri (Korzok)

N) Rumtse to Tsho Moriri via Tsho Kar & Kyamayuri La

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Rumtse to Kyamar

2          Tisaling

3          Pangunagu

4          Rajung Karu

5          Gyama

6          Tsho Moriri (Korzok)

O) Tsho Moriri to Rumtse

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Korzok to Kyangdam

2        Lhatho

3        Lanyar

4        Takstago

5        Numa

6        Spangmur

7        Spanchen Do

8        Dibring

9        Tsao Nema

10    Rumtse

P) Tsho Moriri to Panggok (Pang)

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Korzok to Kyangdam

2        Lhatho

3        Takstago

4        Numa

5        Panggok

Q) Hemis to Zara

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Hemis to Shang Sumdo

2          Lartsa (Gongmaru la)

3          Thachungtse

4          Yakrupal

5          Tantse Sumdo

6          Dango

7          Lungmoche

8          Yagang

9          Zara

R) Alchi to Likir

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Alchi to Mangyu

2          Tar

3          Tingmosgam/Ang

4          Hemis Shukpachen

5          Likir

S) Spituk to Stok

Period: June-October

Day: 1     Spituk to Zhingchan

2        Thangtik

3        Stok


Day: 1     Spituk to Zhingchan

2          Lartsa (Kanda La)

3          Viewpoint above Kanda La, then Thangtik

4          Stok

T) “Chadar” winter trek (Zangskar river trek)

Period: 3rd week January-2nd week March

Day: 1     Chilling to Tilad Do

2          Markalak

3          Boksar Gongma

4          Deep Gongma

5          Hanamur

6          Pishu

7          Karsha

8          Padum